Training, information, improved knowledge and a higher standard of continued education. This is what the IBGC's many training programs have provided to directors, company owners, managers, heirs, successors, investors and executives as well as professionals in a wide range of areas, whether or not members of the Institute.

The courses are based on practical activities and encourage participant interaction. The programs also include Case Studies specifically related to various Corporate Governance issues.

These courses are successful because they present up-to-date content and rely on an experienced team of instructors and continuously updated course material. The goal is to disseminate the underlying ideas of best Corporate Governance practices, independent of each particular organization's control structure.

Most of the institute’s courses are accredited by the CRC Continuous Education program and they all offer credits for the

IBGC Certification Program

Course Categories

Introduction to Corporate Governance

The first step towards Corporate Governance, the courses are part of an introduction to governance that provides an overview of the entire structure, operation and responsibilities of the main agents making up the Corporate Governance system, highlighting the benefits of adopting Corporate Governance and the tools required to implement it.

Improving Corporate Governance

After taking the first step towards Governance, it is important to increase people's understanding of certain issues. The Improving Corporate Governance Course category offers a range of training courses for increasing practical application of Governance practices.

Board of Directors

Courses for Boards of Directors are intended to provide directorsrs with the ability to improve performance of one of the main agents of Governance: the Board of Directors. Looking at issues based on the vision and mission of the Board of Directors, course programs benefit from the wide-ranging experience of course instructors and high level of classroom discussion among participants.

Directors Development

This category of courses focuses on continued education. After explaining the main directors attributes, these courses further analyze relevant issues that arise over time as organizations, their boards and directors evolve and mature.

Corporate Governance in Specific Segments

Taking into account the specific characteristics of the culture, legislation and regulation in different industries, courses for specific segments look at best corporate governance practices at Family-Owned Companies,Health industry, Business Foundations and Institutes and Cooperatives..