Launched in 2009, the Director Certification Program was created to improve training for members and candidates for the Fiscal Council and Boards of Directors at their respective companies. This initiative encourages ongoing improvement of best corporate governance practices in Brazil and allows measuring solid knowledge on a range of issues required by active and efficient directors 


For companies:

     •    Improve strategic planning, organization management and decision-making processes, providing a basis for talent management and conflict resolution. 
     •    Provide shareholders, investors and stakeholders with evidence that the organization's foremost Corporate Governance body is acting on a professional          footing;
     •    Increase board effectiveness and the personal contributions that directors make to these processes. 

  For professionals:

     •    Certify that executives have specific skills and abilities that increase their market value, creating new paths and opportunities for professional growth.
     •    Certify skills and standards of conduct required to perform board-level functions;
     •    Establish a select group of qualified and certified professionals;
     •    Keep executives up-to-date.


     •    A spontaneous (non-mandatory) certification providing a differential advantage. .
     •    Open to all professionals who meet the minimum requirements, whether or not IBGC members;
     •    Periodic (2-year) revalidation with appropriate ongoing education; 
     •    Nationwide coverage and recognition.

  How do I get certified?

  There are two certification paths for directors

      1.    Via a certification exam, which involves a 60-question test (multiple choice); Exams are held on demand and candidates may choose the time, date and location for their exam. 
      2.    Based on board member experience, which does not require an examination. This process involves an analysis of certain documentation and an interview with the members of the Certification Commission

For any further information, please contact: certificacao@ibgc.org.br.