Organized throughout the year at various locations, in a number of formats and based on the IBGC agenda, the events address a range of issues and experiences related to Corporate Governance.

These events are for members and non-members and include lectures, forums, webinars, Director’s Meeting, an Annual Conference and our Study Tour.

The goal of this program is to promote and disseminate concepts, practices and discussions that will help to develop the Brazilian business environment, making it more robust, fair, responsible and transparent. 

IBGC Themed Agenda

- 2014: Corporate governance that creates value: An evolving process;

- 2013: New frontiers for Governance;

- 2012: Furthering the debate on boards of directors;

- 2011: Family-Owned Companies – Challenges and opportunities;

- 2010: Internationalization and Convergence of Corporate Governance Practices and Regulatory Changes;

- 2009: Governance in Times of Crisis: Rethinking the Role of Boards

- 2008: Changing Ownership – New Structures of Shareholder Control;

- 2007: Sustainability and Corporate Governance: Strategies for Perpetuating Organizations;

- 2006: Applied Governance: Effectiveness of the Board of Directors; 

- 2005: Corporate Governance from Every Angle; 

- 2004: Applying the Brazilian Model of Corporate Governance.