Individual Members

Individual Members

IBGC members are directors of publicly traded or privately held corporations, shareholders or heirs, top ranking executives and auditors, attorneys, academics and consultants. 


•    To stand in elections for the Board of Directors;
•    To stand in elections for the Regional Chapter Coordinating Committees;
•    To take part in all acts and events, subject to the specific rules drawn up by the Institute in each situation;
•    Attend and vote during IBGC general meetings. 


•    Adopt the values, principles and regulations issued by the Institute, particularly its Code of Conduct;
•    Pay the appropriate contributions.


•    Free access to the Debate Forums and Academic Forums;
•    Exclusive participation on Study Tours;
•    Involvement with IBGC Commission - subject to availability and approval from the Commission coordinator;
•    Special prices for courses, events and the Annual Conference;
•    Special prices for enrolling in other activities; 
•    A weekly "Information Bulletin", sent by email;
•    "IBGC in Focus" - a quarterly publication covering IBGC events and Corporate Governance issues;